All about Injections with Placenta

all about placenta injections

Injections of preparations with Placenta

«PLAGENTIC» is a preparation composed of 100% highly purified human placenta extract, obtained by molecular fractionation in multiple steps. The product is absolutely natural, in the production process all active placental substances remain in it. Among these are: essential amino acids, mineral salts, enzymes, only about 100 components that favorably influence the state of human health.

The preparation «PLAGENTIC» acts at the cellular level, improving the metabolism of cells and restoring their normal functions. Thanks to this, it covers a wide range of medical indications and can be applied in various fields of medicine.

Preparations based on placenta have pronounced regenerative abilities. It is for this reason that they are highly valued and used for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. The balanced content of a large number of growth-stimulating factors, the placenta has significant restorative properties. Many modern studies have confirmed the ability of preparations based on placenta extract to quickly heal wounds and ulcers, restore damaged liver cells and nerves. In addition, placenta extract has a pronounced effect as an antioxidant. It protects skin cells from the effects of free radicals and therefore helps to slow down the aging process.


This preparation is indicated for people who want to combat the following conditions:

Atopic dermatitis (Moderate and severe level, even complicated).
Recurrent herpes.
Chronic liver disease.
Intoxication by drugs, alcohol and the environment.
Decreased immunity.
Sexual dysfunction and general stress.
Complications in the functions of the pelvic organs.
Reduction of the body’s defenses.
Impairment of cerebral circulation, vision, hearing, memory.
Rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries.

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The preparation can have a powerful healing and rejuvenating effect on the body:

Stabilizes the activity of the nervous system, improves the condition of bones, muscles and heart.
Restores damaged parts of the upper layers of the skin, which contributes to improving collateral circulation.
Minerals and nutrients are absorbed more actively.
They stop the growth of cancer cells.
Stimulates insulin production, the immune system is strengthened.
Metabolic processes in the body are normalized.
There is a more active formation of hormones and antibodies.
Diseases associated with involuntary changes in the human body are better controlled, especially diabetes and hypertension.
Injuries resulting from surgical treatment heal faster, the recovery period is reduced.
Stimulates thinking activity, improves eyesight, increases vitality.
Relieves physical fatigue and minimizes the impact of stressors.
Wrinkles and pigmentation spots disappear.
Eliminates the pathological effects of climacteric disorders.
Improves muscle and joint mobility.


There are no direct contraindications to the use of placental preparations.

Procedure Description

For subcutaneous administration it is used for topical application, and is widely used in dermatology and associated surgical operations.

For the administration of pharmacopuncture it is used in aesthetic medicine, and combines the effect of the drug with the activation of the autonomic nervous system.

For intramuscular and intravenous administration it is carried out in the treatment or prevention of general somatic processes.

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