Dark circles or swelling on the eyelids after filling with hyaluronic acid

how to remove dermal fillers

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural product found in many structures of our body, such as cartilage or heart valves. It has different functions, depending on the body area in which it is located. In fact, about 10% of our body contains hyaluronic acid.

What is Hyaluronic Acid Used For?

When hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, it acts as a moisturizer and helps delay the appearance of wrinkles, since it restores the loss of volume that occurs due to the atrophy suffered by tissues over time.

Why Can Dark Circles or Swelling Occur After Filling with Hyaluronic Acid?

Although the use of hyaluronic acid has proven to be safe and useful, it is not without risks, such as inflammation of the eyelids in the medium or long term. After the injection of the periocular area, around the eyes, with hyaluronic acid filler, especially the lower eyelids can acquire a darker and bluish color, with swelling that can be much more evident in the morning when we wake up. This effect can appear within a few weeks or after several years of treatment with hyaluronic acid. Today we know that hyaluronic acid can take many years to dissolve by itself and recent studies also indicate that facial fillers can migrate from where they are initially injected. In patients treated with hyaluronic acid filler, these bags on the eyelids may appear and not actually be bags, but swelling from the filler injected in the past.

Bags on the Eyelids

We must not confuse the bags on the eyelids that appear due to the protrusion of orbital fat, produced over the years, with the swelling that can appear on the eyelids due to previous treatment with hyaluronic acid.

When is it Necessary to Remove Hyaluronic Acid?

The appearance and persistence of said swelling can affect patients psychologically. In these cases, treatment consists of “removing” the hyaluronic acid fillers to correct swelling and improve appearance.

how to remove hyaluronic acid fillers
How to Remove Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

How is Hyaluronic Acid Removed?

To dissolve it, hyaluronidase is injected, which will cause the filler to hydrolyze and disappear. In most cases, a couple of sessions are needed to achieve the desired result. By treating the swelling, a more natural result is achieved, although sometimes it becomes clear that the patient really needs to correct the fatty protrusion (or true bag) of the lower eyelids by means of blepharoplasty. In these cases, hyaluronic acid filler is no longer indicated.


Before opting for any aesthetic treatment, it is essential to have the assessment of a professional, who will propose the most appropriate option for your case.

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