How does Lipolax works to loose weight?


How does lipolax works to loose weight?

various substances are used in these injections, such as plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, hyaluronic acid and enzymes. All for tightening loose skin and reducing cellulite and excess fat.

In the case of Lipo Lax for weight loss, when you receive the injections, the ingredients they contain target fat cells, such as those found in unwanted cellulite. Once there they make the fat melt and disappear completely. However, this process takes a few weeks to complete within the body.

Lipolax usually requires several sessions, but the exact number will depend on the amount of fat to be eliminated and the conditions of each case.

What is Lipolax used for?
Mesotherapy is great for losing weight, but it is not the only use that can be given to this intervention. Today it is used for:

Eliminate stubborn fat.
Reduce cellulite.
Blur wrinkles and expression lines.
Rejuvenate the skin.
As you can see, this is a very complete treatment that can help you improve your appearance in the most effective way.

Lipo Lax and localized fat
Mesotherapy helps to eliminate areas where there is localized fat and to return the body to its natural shape. It is a safe, natural and gentle alternative for people who want to avoid more invasive surgical procedures.

Depending on the problem area, the number of interventions could vary. It is important to remember that mesotherapy treatments for weight loss do not produce drastic changes. For this reason, it is generally recommended for patients who require a small reduction of localized fat in specific areas, such as in the case of body contouring.

On the other hand, in the case of patients with a lot of fat accumulation, it can also be used in combination with other techniques, such as following a diet designed to lose weight.

Lipo Lax and cellulite
Lipolax not only serves to lose weight, but also eliminates cellulite and firms the skin. That is why it can also be injected into the abdomen, thighs, arms and buttocks.


Cellulite affects people of all ages, even the young, and usually appears mainly on the back of the thighs. It is often compared to the skin of an orange. Mesotherapy can eliminate it, since the injection targets the real cause of cellulite.

Advantages of Lipo Lax for weight loss
The benefits of mesotherapy for weight loss are endless and go far beyond simple physical appearance and aesthetics. If you want to lose weight and eliminate localized fat, the main advantages of this treatment are the following:

It does not require surgical intervention.
Helps eliminate stubborn fat.
Improves the appearance of cellulite.
Increases blood flow in the area, thus improving metabolism.
Improves lymphatic drainage.
Softens and rejuvenates the skin.
It has no side effects. You will be able to lead a normal life as soon as you finish the treatment.
How long does it take to see the results of Lipolax mesotherapy?
The results of Lipo lax for weight loss vary depending on the type of body, metabolism, diet, exercise and the localized fat that we want to eliminate. It could take between 3 and 4 sessions to be able to see the first results; but in some cases, results can be seen after the first session.

The number of sessions for each patient is totally different, since it is adapted to the needs of each body, the areas to be treated and the results they want. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us so that we can study your case carefully.

How long do the results of Lipolax mesotherapy last?
The results of this treatment are long-lasting and can be enhanced as long as after the treatment a healthy and balanced diet is followed and exercise is done regularly.

Does Lipolax mesotherapy have side effects?
With the mesotherapy treatment, some small bruises may appear, which will last a few days. Other possible side effects include slight swelling, temporary warmth or pain, and rarely a skin rash.

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