How does the treatment to remove wrinkles on the forehead work?

botox to remove wrinkles on the forehead

How does the treatment to remove wrinkles on the forehead work?

Today we tell you all the details of the results and effects of the treatment to eliminate expression lines and wrinkles in the upper third of the face. This forehead treatment is the perfect solution.

That if they are expression lines, that if it is the result of smiling a lot and your expressiveness, the fact is that in the end you have those horrible wrinkles on your forehead. Nobody likes to appear older than we are. So why not look for a solution? The treatment may be that solution you long for to discover how to remove wrinkles from the face and forehead in particular, but how does it work?

It is an injectable cosmetic treatment that is used to relax and smooth wrinkles on the face and specifically on the forehead. What this procedure does is temporarily paralyze the muscles of the face through its active ingredient. In addition, the forehead and between the eyebrows are areas to inject the treatment, so its effect can be even more positive and flattering.


Infiltrations guarantee a truly natural result. Of course, the success of the treatment depends, to a large extent, on putting yourself in the hands of highly experienced professionals who eliminate or smooth wrinkles without losing any of the expressiveness of the face.

It is about finding a necessary balance between your expressiveness and making those unsightly wrinkles disappear. And the before and after results are spectacular.

Botox on the forehead before and after
When does it take effect?
The effects on the forehead are practically immediate. Although they begin to be noticeable after 24 to 48 hours of injection. Its results last 6 to 8 months.

Care after treatment: relaxed forehead and absence of sports activity
To guarantee the best results on the face, some care is important:

Do not lie flat for at least 4 hours after treatment.
Avoid playing sports for at least 24 hours.
Do not rub the forehead.
Make expression gestures such as contracting the forehead and frowning so that the injected product spreads evenly, the first few hours.
Forehead treatment is an aesthetic medicine procedure that has been in use for many years and is used for various aesthetic problems. The amount needed for aesthetic treatments is very low and when used by professionals there are no complications and the results are very good.

Is this treatment for you or not? There are many myths and truths about the treatment. In the end, it is a very personal decision and only you know what the answer is, although the important thing is to have as much information as possible.

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