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Dermal fillers – What is hyaluronic acid?
It is an injectable and resorbable filler that is used to minimize wrinkles and add volume naturally. Hyaluronic acid is mainly used in lips and dark circles.

It is the most widely used filling material at the present time and the one for which the most data is available.

It is a substance that is naturally present in almost all the tissues of our body. Due to its great capacity to retain water, its fundamental function is to provide hydration.

The one used in aesthetic medicine is of non-animal origin and is obtained synthetically in the laboratory, which makes it almost impossible for it to produce allergic reactions.

What benefits does it bring?
Infiltrated with filler techniques in our skin, it provides hydration and volume, thereby reducing wrinkles and shaping features, as well as contributing to giving elasticity and turgor to the skin.

But it also modulates the inflammatory response, pain, cellular metabolism and stimulates the cellular cleansing of oxygen free radicals. These last reasons are the ones that are increasingly being used for therapeutic purposes in functional and regenerative gynecology as well as aesthetics.

Advantages of the treatment using Dermal fillers

It is the filler material of which there are more studies and greater experience
does not cause allergies
It is biodegradable, resorbable
immediate effects
Plumps and volumizes
Non-surgical outpatient treatment
Can be done at any time

What areas can be treated with hyaluronic acid?
It is the most versatile filler material that exists, being possible to use it in practically any part of the body.

To achieve good results, it is important to choose the one that has the characteristics that best suit the area that we want to fill or the purpose that we want to achieve.