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Lifting Threads: Among the most desired facial treatments are those that slow down facial aging, or what is the same, the loss of elasticity and firmness in the skin that cause the appearance of wrinkles, folds and expression lines. If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment that promises to eliminate expression wrinkles, lift sagging cheeks and firm the neck and jowls, PDO thread lifts are for you.

Facelift without surgery
Surely you have heard of PDO thread lifts or polydioxanone thread lifts, but perhaps with another less technical name, since they are also known among beauty experts as “facial magic threads”.

There are different types of tensor threads. The first are monofilaments whose purpose is to redensify the skin and redefine the facial contour. The second are the spiculated tensor threads that are used when the degree of sagging or sagging of the face is greater.

The total number of thread lifts used in a non-surgical facelift depends on each patient. The first thing is to study the tension vectors of the patient’s skin and make a personalized design according to her face, using a white pencil, marking where each tensor thread will be placed. It is in this first consultation where the number of necessary tensor threads can be evaluated.

What is the treatment of tensor threads?
Once the design of the face is made, the tensor threads are injected under the skin using a very fine needle and are left in place, always in the opposite direction to the gravity of the earth, so that they “hold” the face and act as an effect. tensor. But in addition to the support, they also act at the subcutaneous level, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin around each inserted thread.

Thanks to these two actions, a lifting effect is achieved without surgery, on the one hand reducing flaccidity of the skin and on the other recovering its elasticity and firmness. The total duration of the treatment does not last more than 45 minutes and once finished, the patient can return to his usual routine immediately.

recovery process
This treatment does not lead to any type of socio-occupational leave. The only side effects are possible bruising or swelling that usually disappear within a few days.

When are the first results seen after Lifting Threads?
The “tightening” results of a PDO thread lift treatment are usually seen immediately. But the best thing is that the rejuvenation effects will be seen after three weeks, when the skin will become smoother and more juicy. This effect of “youth” on the face can last up to two years after the application of the thread lift.